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Buy 4-EMC Online

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Buy 4-EMC (4-Ethylmethcathinone) Crystal with 99.9% purity online with secured and guaranteed worldwide shipping. We supply in packs of 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 500g, and 1000g.

Full chemical name: 1-(4-ethylphenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one

Other names: 4-Ethylmethcathinone, 4-EMC

CAS number: 1225622-14-9

Physical properties: Crystalline powder

Formula: C12H17NO

The molar mass: 191,27 g/mol

The purity of the preparation: Over 99%

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Product Description

What is 4-EMC?

Buy 4-EMC Online, 4-EMC is a designer drug of the stimulant and entactogen family. 4-MEC is know to be the isomer of 4-MEC. It exists in crystalline and powder form and can be ingest by the users in order to experience its effects. The drugs of substitute cathinone class are derivative of cathinone class drugs having stimulant and entactogen properties. 4-MEC has find various applications in the field of research and for medical use. 4-EMC is also use by people for recreational purposes even think it is a control substance in most of the countries around the world. The effects of 4-EMC are diverse in nature ranging from physical to cognitive whereas the most common effect being an enhancement in the physical energy of the body. 4-EMC is available in the market under various brand names and it can also be procure by the users from online stores. The purity of 4-EMC usually depends on the method of synthesis but in most conditions where quality control standards are follow, the purity percentage is around 98% to 99%.
Different forms, types, and analogs
4 EMC exists in crystal and crystalline powder forms. The mode of administration is ingestion through the mouth which produces the effects of the drug. 4 EMC has a chemical structural similarity with the drugs of its class while it is consider to be an isomer of 4 MEC. It is also known that 4 EMC belongs to the substitute cathinone class which is a derivative of the cathinone class.
Street and chemical names
4 EMC is the short form of 4-Ethylmethcathinone whereas it is present in the market under various brand names such as PGCO8. The drug is also famous among users due to its stimulant nature which has render it a common recreational drug. Due to its recreational use various street names such as ‘ecstasy’ though names vary from place to place.
Where to buy 4-EMC
4 EMC is a research chemical having found various applications in the field of mass spectrometry, forensic science, and other analytical sciences. It is also a commonly use drug by medical doctors in the treatment of their patients. Since it is a stimulant nature drug, it can be prescribe for anxiety and depression issues. The wide range of applications of 4 EMC makes it an attractive drug for buyers from various walks of life including researchers, drug stores, patients, and common individuals. Some of the best ways of getting the drug are from physical stores in the area and it is on most occasions available in stock or through online stores. Our Online Store provides greater flexibility to the customers as the procedure of making a purchase is not as strict as in the case of buying from other stores. Considering the wide range of use and applications of the drug, we have made it available in our online store. Our online store is consider to be a trusted source for research and medical drugs and our clients are spread all over the world. The most significant reasons why customers keep coming back to us for smooth supply of our products are as follow:
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4-EMC is a stimulant and entactogen drug having euphoric effects on administration by the users. 4-EMC produces feelings of energy and social confidence and helps the users in carrying out excessive physical activity. Some of the common uses of 4-EMC include its use as a research chemical, medical drug, and as a recreational drug. We will discuss its uses in further detail as follows: Research chemicals are extremely important as they make our lives easier even when we do not realize it. Some of the common use of 4-EMC as a research chemical is in the field of Mass Spectrometry and Forensic Science. Medical Purposes: The drug has stimulant effects which makes it an effective treatment for anxiety and depression issues. It makes it easier for patients to deal with social anxiety by enhancing their social confidence. It also produces feelings of sympathy and empathy in the users.
Short and long-term effects
The effects of the drug are physical and cognitive in nature and range from short and long-term. The physical effects of the drug include excessive physical activity which in severe cases can become difficult to control. Increased heart rate and high blood pressure are also associated with 4 EMC. The cognitive effects include anxiety and depression when used over a long period of time. The long-term effects include addiction and withdrawal syndrome.

Dosage and overdose

The light dose of the drug is 100 mg while the commonly administer dose of the drug is around 150 mg to 200 mg. Any dose above this is consider to be an overdose which can lead to the experience of severe side effects.

Comedown and withdrawal

Since 4-EMC is addictive in nature, it is associate with withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are experienced when the user tries to relinquish the use of the drug after prolong use. Buy 4-EMC Online

The legal status of 4-EMC

4-EMC is a schedule and control substance due to its misuse by the people. In some countries around the world, it is also list as a ban substance. Buy 4-EMC Online

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