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Buy 4F-PV8 Powder Online

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Para-Fluoro-PV8 also known as 4-fluoro α-PHPP and 4-Fluooro PV8 (Hydrochloride) is novel research chemicals that produce euphoriant, and stimulating effects similar to other cathinone derivatives.

Formula: C17H24FNO
CAS number: 99799-28-8
The molar mass: 277.38 g/mol
The purity: ≥99.8%
Full chemical name: 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)heptan-1-one
Other names: 4f-A-pyrrolidinoheptiophenone, 4f-alpha-PHpP, 4F-PV8

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Product Description

What is 4F-PV8?Therefore

Buy 4F-PV8 Powder Online, 4f-α-pyrrolidinoheptiophenone also known as Para-Fluoro-PV8, like wise 4-fluoro α-PHPP, and 4-Fluooro PV8 (Hydrochloride) is a novel research compound of the cathinone class. It is a close analog for α-pyrrolidinopentiophenone. In Other words, alternatives include 4F-PVP and 4F-PHP. Assuming similarities to other cathinone derivatives, 4f-α-pyrrolidinoheptiophenone is expected to behave similarly as a psychostimulant. It should have primary effects such as increased focus and a feeling of mental energy, and it should act as a euphoric at certain dosages. In short Buy 4F-PV8 Powder Online IUPAC: 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)heptan-1-one meanwhile Synonyms: 4f-α-pyrrolidinoheptiophenone, Para-Fluoro-PV8, 4-fluoro α-PHPP and 4-Fluooro PV8 (Hydrochloride)In short its Chemical Formula: C17H24FNO

Technical Information
Formal Name 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)heptan-1-one, monohydrochloride
Molecular Formula C17H24FNO • HCl
Formula Weight 313.8
Purity ≥98%
Formulation Crystalline solid & Powder
λmax 254 nm
InChi Code InChI=1S/C17H24FNO.ClH/c1-2-3-4-7-16(19-12-5-6-13-19)17(20)14-8-10-15(18)11-9-14;/h8-11,16H,2-7,12-13H2,1H3;1H

Effects of 4F-PV8:Because

The clinical effects of most new stimulant drugs like this substance can be described as hallucinogens, stimulants, or opioid-like. They can also have a combination of these effects due to designer side-chain substitutions.

4F-PV8 Side effects:But

Like other designer drugs, the use of this substance can cause strong side effects; meanwhile the substance is not clinically tested in any way licensed as a consumer product! this product is therefore not for human consumption, but for scientific research only!

How to store:further

Keep it under 30 degrees Celsius. Store this substance in the original packaging, shield from dampness, and direct sunlight. Warning during: This is a research compound intend for nonclinical research.  Consequently,Not for human consumption or resale. In short Store in a cool dry place.

What is the 4F-PV8 research chemical use for?but

4F-PV8 is a research chemical and is actively use for research purposes and scientific studies.In conclusion, It has been widely used as biochemical in forensic science, toxicology, and neuroscience. It has also find applications in Mass spectrometry as a research chemical. 4F-PV8 is a stimulant drugs but with effects similar in nature. Consequently,The effects of the drugs are known to force the users to do the energetic and stimulant during activities and on a high dose administration,  it becomes difficult to resist the urge. These properties is make  it  the center of attention for people who have to carry out energy-consuming activities on a regular basis. therefore,The drug can produce feelings of motivation, social energy, and confidence.To conclude, It  can cause appetite suppression. The drug  is also know to be use by people for recreational purposes  as it can produce effects such as ego inflation and emotional enhancement.

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