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AKB48CH is a pentyl indazole with structural similarity to the synthetic cannabinoids JWH 018 adamantyl carboxamide and STS-135, which have been sold for recreational use.

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Buy Akb48ch Cannabinoid Online

Buy Akb48ch Cannabinoid Online is a pentyl indazole with structural similarity to the synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018 adamantyl carboxamide and STS-135. Generally, quinolones with adamantyl-carboxamide moieties display high affinity for the peripheral cannabinoid (CB2) receptor but greatly reduce. Affinity for the central cannabinoid (CB1) receptor.APINACA (AKB48, N-(1-adamantyl)-1-pentyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide) is a drug that acts as a reasonably potent agonist for the cannabinoid receptors,[1] with a Ki of 304.5nM and an EC50 of 585nM at CB1. It had never previously been report in the scientific or patent literature, and was first identify by laboratories in Japan in March 2012 as an ingredient in synthetic cannabis smoking blends, along with a relates compound APICA.[2] Structurally, it closely resembles cannabinoid compounds from a University of Connecticut patent (WO 2003/035005),[3] but with a simple pentyl chain on the indazole 1-position, and APINACA falls within the claims of this patent despite not being disclose as an example. APINACA was made illegal in Japan in 2012,[4] and was ban as a temporary class drug in New Zealand from 13 July 2012.[5] APINACA has been ban in Latvia since 14 November 2013. Since 2013, APINACA has been a Schedule I control substance in the Unite States.[6] It is also ban in Germany as an Anlage II control drug. APINACA is list in the Fifth Schedule of the Misuse of Drugs Act (MDA). And therefore illegal in Singapore as of May 2015.[7] As of October 2015 APINACA is a control substance in China.[8] APINACA is ban in the Czech Republic.[9]   Buy Factory Supply Akb48CH AKB48 N-( cyclohexylmethyl) analog is an AKB48 derivative in which the pentyl chain. Has been replace with a cyclohexylmethyl group in order to mimic a structural feature of the potent CB1 modulator.

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